confusion on starting configuration files

I’m confused about the starting config files.
In section 2.1 the doc says:
The DITA2Go Project Manager copies a starting configuration file for the output type you specified, from your DITA2Go config\local\starts directory (or from config\system\starts) to the output directory; then DITA2Go saves the project options you specified.

In my newly installed d2g directory structure, I have on the system side:


And on the local side:


And also:


But no:

C:\omsys\...\ config\local\starts as the doc indicates there should be.

What I think is that I should make local copies of the C:\omsys\d2g\system\starts\*.ini files that contain the settings that I want to use in all or most projects of a given output type (e.g. _rtf.ini settings to apply to most/all rtf projects, _d2eclipse.ini to apply to most/all Eclipse projects).

Does that make sense?