Running a project with DITA 1.2 topics

[EDIT 2011-07-07-- This turns out to be a non-issue. By setting the logging options (Section 4.2 of the documentation), I've established that the DITA 1.2 DTD is being parsed when the [setup] section is left in the default state (that is, all text commented out). I don't know where my DITA files say to use DITA 1.2 or the XML catalog, but for now that's academic.]

DITA2GO is installed and successfully producing test files, but I'm having trouble generating OmniHelp output from source files that use the loosened task structures of DITA 1.2.

I created the map and topics using DITA-FMx and FM10, and I can get output from DITA-FMx with the DITA-OT, so it's not the source files.

From Section 4.1.2 of the manual, I gather DITA2Go refers to DITA 1.1 by default. I tried changing the [setup] to %omsyshome%\common\dtds\dita1.2, but I'm not sure if this is right. (I'm not up to speed on this catalog-dita.xml thing.)

It would be nice if I could probe the result of my changes using the test files that come with DITA2Go. But the test files work even if I change the [setup] line to %omsyshome%\common\dtds\dita1.3!

Any help woul be welcome.