Welcome to the DITA2Go Beta!

Thank you for joining the DITA2Go Beta program. Here are a few suggested guidelines.

We've spent considerable time in alpha with DITA2Go, and as far as we can tell, everything works. Sure. ;-) Our customers are creative people, so we expect you will try things we never even imagined. Hopefully, we've made DITA2Go robust enough to take it. Please let us know where we failed! First, post here, under the category that best describes the problem. If it's an obvious bug, go ahead and file a support ticket too.

We also expect that there will be design choices we made that will not handle your specific case. We want to know about those too! We're definitely interested in proposed enhancements, not just bugs. Speak up!

We really appreciate the time you spend on this, and so every one of you will receive a free license to DITA2Go for life, with all future updates included. This is your product as well as ours; please help us make it the best it can be. Thanks!