Pricing for DITA2Go

We want to make DITA2Go affordable for everyone who needs it, especially in this challenging economic environment. So the Basic version of DITA2Go is free. This allows those who are unable for budgetary reasons to purchase it to have the benefit of a system that seriously outperforms the DITA-OT at the same cost, zero.

We also offer a Premium version, priced it at the minimum consistent with providing quality support and enhancements. While other commercial products that support DITA input start at $895 and go up from there (way up), we have priced a Premium DITA2Go subscription at only $US 97 per year, including full email support and all upgrades. We add upgrades, and new productivity tools, to the Premium version as we create them. After a period of six months to a year, we also migrate the enhancements into the free Basic version, but added tools remain Premium only.

Note that we do not do refunds under any circumstances. Please be sure and test thoroughly with the free Basic version to make sure DITA2Go does what you need it to. If it works in the Basic version, it will work in the Premium version, only better. If it doesn't work in the Basic version, it may not work in the Premium version either.

Current Mif2Go Licensees

If you are currently a Mif2Go licensee, and your license is current (in the first year after purchase, or renewed to a date past the current date), we have a special deal for you:

  • People who get Mif2Go to migrate to DITA, and have no further use for it thereafter, can migrate their Mif2Go licenses to Premium DITA2Go, at no charge. Email us with your information.
  • People who will continue to use Mif2Go also get Premium licenses immediately at no charge. Thereafter, paying the Premium renewal of $97 per year per seat (for 1 to 4 seats) also renews the corresponding Mif2Go license. In effect, you add Premium DITA2Go for $22 per year. Email us and give us your Mif2Go license details.

Multiple Copies and Site Licenses

The single-seat license price of $US 97 per year also applies to a second, third, or fourth seat. Beyond that, you will want to purchase one of our small-site licenses instead. Here are the choices (all prices in $US):

Licensed Seats

Annual Price

Additional Seats


$    97

$ 97


$   450

$ 90


$   825

$ 83


$  1500

$ 75


$ 3250

$ 65


$  6000

$ 60


$ 11,000

$ 55


$ 25,000

$ 50

You can add any number of seats to any license at the Additional Seats specified for that level; for example, a six-seat license is $540 ($450 plus $90). Even better, we give you full credit for your prior purchases; if you buy two seats for $194, then decide you need five, you pay only $256 more ($450 less $194) for the five-seat license. This lets you expand at your own pace. Beyond the 500-seat package, all additional seats are a flat $50 each.

For the multi-seat discounts to apply, all seats must be at the same facility, and all technical support requests must be channeled through a single local expert user, who can handle repeat occurences of any previously-reported problems directly with the individual licensees. For sites with 20 to 99 licenses, we support two local experts, and for sites with 100 licenses and over, we support three.

Note that when you hold multiple licenses, you must renew all of them at the same time, even if you are not currently using some of them. To make this easier, when you order at least as many new licenses as you already have, we extend the renewal date of the existing licenses to match that of the new ones at no charge.