Reseller Information

We don't offer reseller discounts at all. Nonetheless, quite a few resellers do choose to buy from us, and we are willing to bill through a reseller. However, just as with direct orders, we do not ship until we receive payment. When you use a credit card, we usually ship the same day, often within an hour.

Some resellers treat a DITA2Go purchase as a pass-through to accommodate their customer. Others may add a service charge. We've deliberately priced DITA2Go low to make it accessible, and can only go lower in quantity situations, where combining tech support for those at one site through one POC reduces our support costs. If you are prepared to provide first-tier tech support, and will be using DITA2Go yourselves, please let us know.

We only deliver electronically. We create an account on this site, if necessary, and authorize it to access downloads of the Premium version of DITA2Go, and file support tickets. Downloads and support are active for one year from date of purchase, and are renewable annually for the same price. We used to email a key file, but too many firewalls blocked it.

Visa, MasterCard, and Amex are all acceptable credit cards; for Amex, the card must be denominated in $US. To order, first log in, then go to the order form and fill in the end user information, so that the end user will be able to obtain tech support and upgrades. That is essential; do not put your own contact info in the end-used fields. It will only delay the process when we write back to ask for the info we need.

Put your own email in the "Purchaser email" field, and your own name and address in the "Comments" field. Choose card payment, and enter your information on the form that asks for card info on the 2Checkout site. We will send the confirming invoice to you, rather than the end user. (We never see the card info, but are notified of the cardholder name by 2Checkout.)

Thank you very much for your interest in DITA2Go!