Enable or disable draft output

By default, is showing up in the output. THe DITA spec recommends hiding it by default.

To hide it, I'm using

draft-comment = Delete

It would be nice to have a check box in the DITA2Go Project Manager to turn draft output on or off.

By the way, I mentioned this in a recent e-mail to support@omsys.com -- did you receive it, or has a spam blocker trapped this and my other e-mails to that address in the past few weeks?

Deleting elements

We replied directly some time ago, but repeat it here for others.

We try not to add settings that may conflict with the normal ways of handling such situations, as that gives rise to questions about which method wins... In this case, the simplest way to handle it is to set:


right at the top of the section in d2g_config.ini. That would establish the expected default, and be easy to alter by specifying a real format for it, possibly one with highlighting, in a local or project .ini.

Thanks for the suggestion!