Get a crash when converting (2)

I have installed on a Windows XP Professional SP 3 (German) computer.

I keep getting the error message "DCL NT console driver has detected a problem..." when converting my own ditamap. No output is produced except for three files: onlinehelp.dcb, _d2html.ini and _d2g_log.txt. I can sucessfully convert the DTS HTML Demo project.

The _d2g_log.txt file contains the following information:

Wed Nov 02 09:57:42 2011
I1: Starting log for drxml, x002
I1: Opened XML file "D:\Configuration\DITA_Test\Sample6\onlinehelp.ditamap"
I1: Opened XML file D:\Configuration\DITA_Test\Sample6\onlinehelp.ditamap
I1: Opened XML file ../reference/variables.dita

I have read the Forum topic titled "Get a crash when converting" and tried to add a reply, because this is exactly the same error. However, it seems that the reply has not been accepted. So I started a new topic.

I have done what was recommended in the other topic, i.e. granted all permissions to files and folders for both the DITA files to be converted and the DITA2Go program files. I also added a user named "Jeder" (Everyone) and granted him the same permissions. All to no avail.

What am I missing?

The above test was made with the run option "Use ASCII DLL as: Neither". When I change this option to "Both", I get the above error message and, when I click OK, another one: "Error 13 running DLL drgpo.dll during... DLL missing". Indeed, this file does not exist in the omsys program directory. When I click OK, yet another error message comes up: "Error 12 running DLL dwhtm.dll during... Not a DLL". This file resides in the \common\bin directory.

First, try the newest updates

The following links will provide the newest versions of the executables. Please download all of them, replace them in your existing \common\bin, and see if that fixes the problem. If not, we will need a test case that still shows the problem, including the map, topics, any ditaval, the local .ini, any others you have edited in \d2g\local\config, and all outputs including the log, all in one .zip. Thanks!