Omnihelp doesn't seem to launch correctly

Gotten past the crash issue and was able to successfully create HTML and OMNIHELP. However, when I try to launch _Practical_DITA.htm, I don't get content in the OmniHelp window. Any suggestions?

You need to include the viewer files.

The default setup for omnihelp assumes the viewer files (JS, CSS, and HTML) are in:


Then they are copied into the Wrap directory at the end of the conversion. Make sure they are accessible for copying, and that they really were copied.

The other possibility is a browser security restriction. For IE, you need to make sure you can run JavaScript on the local system; for Firefox, make sure you allow JS at all.

Were you able to run from the zip archive I sent you? That does have the viewer files, and I ran it here with no problem in IE6.