Problem changing output file suffix for EclipseHelp from .htm to .html

Hi –
The doc says: Specifying the output file extension
To specify .html as the output file extension instead of .htm:
HTMLSuffix = .html
In the context of:
20.2 Setting up an Eclipse Help project
When you set up an Eclipse Help project, if configuration file d2eclipse.ini is not already present in the output directory, you must copy this file from your DITA2Go config\local directory
So I have the config file _d2eclipse.ini in my output directory, as follows:
; _d2eclipse.ini - Starting DITA2Go configuration for Eclipse Help output

; Where the rest of the configuration settings are:


But I’m still getting .htm output. What am I missing?

Also, I’d like all EclipseHelp projects to generate .html files; setting this in local_d2eclipse_config.ini didn’t work either? Should it?


Include this statement also:


Darryl Tewes
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