Why DITA output

I'm not sure I understand why you would produce DITA XML from DITA source. Can you explain this use case? Thanks.

DITA2Go DITA output

We realize that providing DITA-to-DITA conversion sounds strange. In fact, we almost didn't. But then, the question became, should we take it away, since as part of Mif2Go HTML/XML output it was already fully coded in the same DLLs being used for DITA2Go? And we could find no justification for that removal of functionality.

That said, we know it's easy to modify DITA code using XSLT... provided you are an expert XSLT programmer, that is. If you are not, and most users of DITA (as opposed to developers of it) are not, you are facing a wall. The DITA2Go output to DITA offers a doorway through that wall.

For example, suppose that you have adopted a new specialization. But you have 5000 topics already that use the original topic types, in which you used @outputclass to distinguish elements that you can now identify by theor own specialized names. What do you do? In today's economy, hiring an XSLT expert to do the job is not always possible. So you can try search and replace, using regex (if you know that), or just sit there and edit them all by hand for the next month. Not appealing choices. With the DITA2Go DITA output, you have another possibility, which is not only way easier to set up than XSLT, but an order of magnitude (or two) faster. We decided users should have that choice.