Troubleshooting tips?

I've been trying to use DITA2Go with no success. I can create a project, but when I run it I get no output and no log file. So, how to troubleshoot? It would be nice to have a sample project or guidelines for the simplest possible configuration with which to validate the install. I have a map file and 11 topics, all in the same directory, no spaces or funny characters in the path names.

I can't tell which project configuration steps are required or optional just to get some output and validate that the application works.

Try the demo project

There actually is a sample project for that very purpose included in the distribution. Look in your %omsyshome%\demo directory for the DITATestSuite directory. It includes preset, empty directories for eight outputs.

To use it, in the Project Manager, Create tab, select the DITATestSuite directory as source, select the DITATestSuite.bookmap as the map, select a format, say omnihelp, and select that format's existing output directory below the source dir, in this case also named omnihelp. Create. That will add the entry to your list of projects. (We don't pre-add them because we don't want to clutter up your list of projects unnecessarily.)

Now select the Run tab, and see that the project is already selected there. Press Start. It should just work.

If it doesn't, the most likely reason is that you failed to set the two environment variables you need, in the Windows Control Panel, System tab. You must set OMSYSHOME to the directory where you unzipped (which must have no spaces in its path or name), and must set the system PATH to include the %omsyshome%\common\bin directory. If you miss either of them, or misspell a anme in them, nothing will happen. You can still run the Project Manager from its shortcut, but no actual processing will occur.