can't run a project


i installed everything as described in the user guide. I have opened the Project manager and started to run but it didn't work. I receive a message that says that the command dcl is written wrong or couldn't bve found and in the command line is the target directory opened.

some facts to the system

- I have never used mif2go before (cause mentioned somewhere)
- my ditafiles are stored in another directory than the dita2go files Is that a problem

thx for help

Command not found

When you get a "command not found" error, it means the Windows system did not find the .exe or .dll on the PATH.

One possible reason is that you did not set OMSYSHOME, or did not add it to the system PATH in the Control Panel. Or perhaps the directory name is misspelled in one of those settings.

Also, you need to start the Project Manager after you make those settings. If you start it first, it will not know about them.

If you cannot make the PATH setting, your other option is to copy all the .exe and .dll files to a directory already on the PATH, which would be windows\system32 in 32-bit systems (most XP systems) or windows\SysWOW64 in 64-bit systems (like Windows 7). Then the system can find them.